Astaxanthin Supplements: What to Look for When Choosing an Astaxanthin Supplement

This video will help breakdown the key differences in Astaxanthin supplements and how BioMax Astaxanthin is an ideal maximum strength Astaxanthin supplement.


In this video you will learn:

-Why You Must Consume Astaxanthin with the Necessary Co-Factors

-Why Bio-Max Astaxanthin is 370% More Effective than Standard Astaxanthin Supplements

-Why you Shouldn’t Take 12 mg Astaxanthin Supplements

-And Much More

Spirulina is hands down the most remarkable green superfood in the world. Not only does it provide you a daily dose of greens, it contains over 100 different nutrients and optimizes total body health at the cellular level.


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Astaxanthin Benefits: Natures Most Potent Antioxidant

Spirulina Benefits: Mother Natures Ultimate Green Superfood

Astaxanthin has been found to be one of the most effective antioxidants and free radicals scavengers in the world. This remarkable micro-algae has been shown to be tremdous for nearly all facets of human health due to its ability to optimize health at the cellular level.


Organic Spirulina: Why Go Organic?

Learn why it is essential to consume Organic Spirulina rather than All Natural Spirulina. This article will educate you on the vast differences in purity, quality and safety of the different forms of Spirulina and blue-green algae on the market.

Astaxanthin 101