Spirulina 101


The “all natural’ forms of Spirulina are produced with the use of unsafe chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers include sodium bicarbonate, Chilean Sodium Nitrate and animal fertilizers

such as manure. In laboratory experiments it has also been shown that specific organic spirulina’s have a much better nutritional profile in comparison to “all natural” Spirulina’s.

You also must be weary because China has very poor organic accrediation and quality assurance systems. Which increases liklihood of heavy metal or algae toxin contamination.

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Why Go Organic?

Warning: "All Natural" Spirulina

Warning: Chinese “Organic” Spirulina


Many often ask… “Why Go Organic?” Well Organic food and supplements have been shown to have a higher nutritional profile, nutrients have a higher bioavailability throughout the body and they are produced without the use of harmful fertilizers, pesticides, GMO’s or harmful chemicals. Plain and simple, organic is better for your health and the environment.

Many “Organic” Spirulina brands are farmed and produced in China. Some of these Spirulina’s have been found to contain harmful heavy metal poisoning due to China’s poor water quality.

Spirulina is mother natures multivitamin, containing over 100 different nutrients that nourish, heal and protect the body. It is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids as well as an array of non-essential amino acids. Spirulina is considered the most nutrient dense food on the planet.


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Spirulina 101: Benefits of Spirulina


The Heavy Metal Problem

One of the most important things to be aware of when choosing a source of Spirulina are the levels of heavy metals within the Spirulina. All forms of blue-green algae along with Spirulina by nature attract and bind to heavy metals. They literally act as magnets that draw the heavy metals in and then store them.

This is also why Spirulina is fantastic for heavy metal removal. Once it is in the body it attracts and binds to the heavy metals within the body.


If any source of Spirulina or blue-green algae is not grown properly or grown in China, it will likely have very high heavy metal content.


Find California Proposition 65 Approved Organic Spirulina


This is why you need to seek out and find Organic Spirulina supplements that are California Proposition 65 approved. Proposition 65 is presently the only heavy metal quality control standard within the US. It was created by the state of California as a special warning system used to gauge the safety of a product based on whether the product contains certain levels of dangerous chemicals or contaminates.


There are very few sources of Spirulina including most of the most popular Hawaiian brands that are Proposition 65 approved due to them containing high levels of Lead and other heavy metals. Lead is by far the most prevalent heavy metal found in Spirulina’s. And Lead is a dangerous heavy metal because it is known to cause birth defects and reproduction harm.



We presently offer one of the very few sources of Spirulina that is California Proposition 65 approved. Our Spirulina is continually tested and shown to be totally free of dangerous heavy metal levels.


Wild Grown Blue-Green Algae Vs. Organic Farm Grown Blue-Green Algae

One of the biggest concerns you should have when choosing a source of Spirulina or Blue green Algae is the overall safety of the product. It is very easy for Spirulina to be contaminated with either heavy metals or micro algae toxins. And the safety of the product is vastly determined by where and how it is grown. And it has been found after countless studies wild grown and harvested algae’s, such as Klameth Lake Algae, run high risk of contamination of heavy metals and micro algae toxins.


Spirulina’s ability to attract and bind to heavy metals is why wild grown and harvested algae is highly contaminated with heavy metals. Human society has sadly polluted all of our natural water sources through run off from farming as well as industrial pollution. So the algae harvested from these natural bodies of water, attracts and binds to the heavy metals which means the heavy metals are present in the Spirulina.


Algae harvested from natural bodies of water also run the risk containing dangerous algae toxins such as microcystin. These are highly dangerous contaminates that cause extreme liver and kidney damage. They can easily contaminate algae harvested from natural bodies of water because the ecosystem is not controlled and once they enter the ecosystem they spread like a virus. They also thrive in the same type of environment that blue-green algae is grown in because they are so similar to blue green algae.




We choose to grow our Spirulina in a fully controlled environment for many reasons. Firstly we control the entire ecosystem and what enters the ecosystem. This aids us in preventing pollution from heavy metals as well as the presence of microalgae toxins. We prevent the heavy metals from entering by using only the most pure sources of water as well as the purest sources of plant-based fertilizer. The controlled environment also prevents algae toxins because the algae toxins can never be introduced to the environment which would enable them to grow. When you are growing algae in a natural body of water you cannot prevent this because you cannot prevent what enters the environment. Growing in a controlled environment also enables us to produce the highest quality spirulina because we can continually test the state of the spirulina throughout its entire growth process. This enables us to “tend to its needs” so for example if the PH balance of the water is off, we are able to rebalance the PH; whereas if it is grown in the wild you do not have this control.



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USDA Organic Certified

NaturLand Organic Certified

EcoCert Organic Certified

100% Free of Contaminates

Our organic Spirulina is thoroughly tested and 100% free of the following contaminates:


Heavy Metal Testing:




Microbiological Testing:




Algal Toxin Testing:




Pheophorbides Testing:















Yeast & Mould


E. coli

The Worlds Purest Source of Organic Spirulina

Our Organic Spirulina is derived from the worlds purest and most bioavailable source of Organic Spirulina. It is the only source of Spirulina to be certified organic by all 3 major organic certification bodies, which include USDA Organic Certification, NaturLand Organic Certification & EcoCert Organic Certification. It is also Halal certfied.



Organic  & Quality Certifications

It boasts an extremely high nutritional profile and it is a source of Spirulina that has high bioavailability throughout the body. Ensuring your body is receiving and assimilating the maximum amount of nutrient content.


We take the purity of our products very seriously. And this organic spriulina has been tested and shown to be free of every possible contaminate.  To the left you will see a chart which breaks down all tcontaminates our Spirulina has been tested for.


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Halal Certified

Organic Farming: Our Spirulina is Grown following the Most Rigid Organic Farming Standards


Our organic Spirulina is grown in the remote countryside of South India. The farm is away from all industrial, agricultural and human settlements preventing contamination from environmental pollutants.







The farm is spread over 130 acres with a pristine water supply. The location provides a conducive environment for Organic Spirulina cultivation with an ideal high temperature of 86°F to 102°F ( 30°C to 39°C), low rainfall, low humidity and ideal sunlight through the year.





Farmed Following the Most Stringent Organic Standards:





100% Non-GMO

No pesticides used

No chemical fertilizers used

No herbicides used

No synthetic chemicals or trace minerals added

Plant-based nutrients used in cultivation

No animal in-put, such as manure, used in cultivation

100% sustainable farming practices







Fertilized with Plant Based Nutrients; No Chemical or Animal Fertilizers Used



We only use 100% organic, plant-based nutrients to fertilize the Spirulina. We also are against the use of Chilean Nitrate which is another fertilizer commonly used in the cultivation of Spirulina.  The fertilizers and farming process is a big facet of what differentiates “Organic Spirulina” from “All Natural Spirulina.” The “all natural’ forms of Spirulina are produced with the use of unsafe chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers include sodium bicarbonate, Chilean Sodium Nitrate and animal fertilizers such as manure.