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Triquetra Health's Quality Assurance Guarentee

When you purchase and use any of Triquetra Health’s products, you will have the assurance of knowing that you are consuming the highest quality nature-based health supplements available on the market.


One of Triquetra Health’s core goals is to provide the world with the highest quality and most advanced nature-based products. Absolutely all of our products are derived from the highest quality organic botanical ingredients and are grown and produced without the use of any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, preservatives or GMO’s.


Absolutely all of our products are:

•100% vegetarian supplements

•Derived from pure vegetarian organic nutrients

•GMO free & Gluten free

•Produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or preservatives

•Meet all of the highest quality certifications


When seeking out and choosing the source of our nutritional supplements, we work to rigorously find the absolute best source of the botanical ingredient on the planet.


High Nutritional Profile and Bioavailability

When consuming Triquetra Health products you also have the assurance of knowing our products have high nutritional profile and have the maximum bioavailability. The nutritional profile and bioavailability are extremely important because they ensure you are getting the highest amount of possible nutrients and the body is actually leveraging and using those nutrients. This is very important when it comes to choosing quality health supplements.


For example, synthetic vitamins may have a high amount of nutrients but the body cannot leverage the nutrients contained in the vitamin because they are derived synthetically causing them to have low bioavailability.


We only used botanical based ingredients because the body is much more receptive to nutrients that are derived from natural sources. The body welcomes in these form of nutrients and easily leverages them to nourish your body.


Your health, vitality and well-being are our goal! And all of our actions and decisions stem from this core idea.





“We are committed to providing consumers the highest quality source of nature-based supplements on the planet. And that starts with the ingredients we choose for our products. When developing a product we work to find farms that produce the ingredients to the highest quality organic standards, employ sustainable farming practices and do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.... But that is only the beginning, once we find farms that meet our initial criteria we then narrow the list down and identify which ingredient source has the highest nutritional profile. Thus ensuring our customers obtains the maximum level of nutrients when consuming our products."

- Sean Gill, Owner & CEO of Triquetra Health