Get the Energy of a Gladiator

Our Barley Grass Juice Powder is Organically Grown on an Ancient Volcanic Seabed in Utah.

100% Juice Form CO2 Extracted with BioActive Dehydration.

Size: 5.3oz (150g) – 60 Servings


Organic 5 Grass Juice Blend

  • Synergistic 5 Grass Blend in Juice Form: A synergistic blend of 5 grass species in raw juice powder form. The blend includes Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Oat Grass Juice, Kamut® Juice & Alfalfa Juice all in equal ratios.
  • 10:1 Concentrate – Juice Form Has Highest Nutrient Concentration: Juice powder has up to 10 times higher nutrient concentration than whole grass powder. The grass juices are all cold-pressed into juice form, and then CO2 dried at ambient temperature.
  • ORGANICALLY GROWN IN MINERAL-RICH VOLCANIC SOIL OF UTAH: All the grasses are organically grown in the most mineral-rich soil of Utah in the ancient volcanic soil. It is harvested at peak nutrient density or “jointing phase.”
  • BIOACTIVE, ORGANIC & RAW FORM: Our Wheatgrass juice powder maintains its full enzyme bioactivity due to its truly Raw form. This also preserves key nutrients such as Chlorophyll & SOD.

Pure Organic Grass Juices Without the Hassle

This is a potent and balanced blend of 5 super species of grasses, delivered in 100% raw juice powder form. The blend provides more nutrient diversity by synergizing the 5 grass species together in balanced ratios. No need to worry about alternating your greens – take them all daily in a balanced blend.

Daily consumption of grass juices is suggested to promote several crucial areas of health including digestion, blood health, and immunity while also providing energy and stamina. Many attribute grasses to anti-aging, as it combats cell-damaging free radicals.

The Synergized Blend Contains

Oat Grass


Barley Grass


Kamut® Grass

Infuse Our 5 Grass Blend Into Hundreds of Recipes

The Perfect “Green” Superfood Nutritional Boost

The juice is in 100% raw form maintaining its full bioactive enzyme activity and energetic properties. It is first cold-pressed, and then CO2 dried at ambient temperatures. When any fruit, vegetable or grass is heat-treated (which is very common), many nutrients and energetic properties of the crop are killed off. Our grasses are never heat-treated, providing you with the highest level of nourishment and energy.

Raw Freeze-Dried Juice Powder Has 7 to 10 Times Higher Nutrient Concentration


Our grasses are exclusively farmed from the mineral-rich soil of Utah. The farm is located on ancient volcanic soil.

Organically grown in the mineral-rich soil of western Utah. The volcanic soil is loaded with essential minerals which produce the most nutrient-dense grass juices. The volcanic soil is ideal for superfood grasses as it contains over 70+ trace minerals – these minerals promote the optimal growth and nutritional content of the grass. The farm does not employ the use of chemical or animal fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

There is a vast difference between juice powders and whole grass powders, such as wheatgrass powder. Wheatgrass powder is ground up whole leaf and fillers, which the human body cannot digest. This process makes the product dead and indigestible and has no associated health benefits. Our nutrient-rich Wheatgrass Juice Powder is juiced within an hour of being harvested and then put through a cold-press juicing process and CO2 drying process, which locks in the same nutrients that would be available from drinking it straight from our organic certified facilities. When rehydrated with water, there is no deterioration of the essential properties from the freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice.

Grasses are Supposed to Be Consumed in Juice Form

When you go to a juice bar… Do they ever serve you ground up grass? No, they juice the grass. Grasses are only supposed to be consumed in juice form.

How to Use:

Powder: Add 1 teaspoon to water, juice or a smoothie.

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