Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder

Barley Grass juice contains a broad range of vitamins, electrolytes, essential minerals quickly convert to long-lasting energy that keeps you a step ahead of the day’s challenges, while a blast of phytonutrients and enzymes rejuvenate cells and bodily systems – as well as detoxifies the body.

  • Boost Your Metabolism Energy Levels*
  • Supports Detoxification & Alkalinity*
  • Promotes Overall Health & Well-Being*
  • Organically Grown in Mineral-Rich Soil of Utah
  • 100% Raw Juice Form, Cold-Pressed & CO2 Dried

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Barley Grass Juice: Get the Energy of a Gladiator

What is it?
Derived from the young green shoots from barley grass, it is among the earliest-grown grasses in the world. Its multidimensional health benefits were even of interest to the Greeks and Romans, who were known to cultivate it for their gladiators as a strength and endurance supplement. A broad range of vitamins, electrolytes, and essential minerals quickly convert to long-lasting energy that keeps you a step ahead of the day’s challenges, while a blast of phytonutrients and enzymes rejuvenate the damaged cells that keep you functioning slowly.

Daily consumption of barley grass juice powder is suggested to promote several crucial areas of health including digestion, pH balance, and immunity while also providing energy and stamina. Many attribute barley grass to anti-aging, as it combats cell-damaging free radicals.

Health Benefits

Supports Detoxifications*

Boosts liver detoxification as well as aids the body in eliminating toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Restores Acid/Alkaline Balance*

Restores harmony to the acid and alkaline balance within the body.

Supports Immune Function*

Boosts your immune system so your body is better protected from any potential invaders.

Supports Cardiovascular Health*

Supports healthy cholesterol levels and overall heart health.

Supports Cellular Health*

Barley Grass is loaded with antioxidant capacity that protects the cells from the degenerative effects of free radicals.

Improves Energy Levels & Metabolism*

Barley Grass delivers potent natural energy and vitality – alongside boosting the effectiveness of your metabolism.

Quality Standards

Grown in Mineral-Rich Volcanic Soil of Utah

Organically grown in the mineral-rich soil of western Utah. The volcanic soil is loaded with essential minerals which produce the most nutrient dense Barley Grass Juice.

The volcanic soil is ideal for both Wheatgrass and Barley Grass as it contains over 70+ trace minerals – these minerals promote the optimal growth of the grass and the nutritional content of the grass.

The farm does not employ the use of chemical or animal fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

100% Raw Juice Powder, Cold-Pressed & CO2 Dried

The juice is in 100% Raw form maintaining its full bioactive enzyme activity and energetic properties – it is first cold-pressed and is CO2 dried at ambient temperatures. When any fruit, vegetable or grass is heat treated (which is very common) many nutrients and energetic properties of the crop are killed off. Our grasses are never heat treated – providing you the highest level of nourishment and energy.

Raw Freeze Dried Juice Powder Has 7 to 10 Times Higher Nutrient Concentration

Juice Powder Vs. Whole Grass Powder

We are proud to provide you with the purest, raw and most biologically active Barley Grass Juice Powder. The nutrient concentration of our juice powder is 7-10 times higher than whole grass barley grass powder.

Whole grass powder is ground up grass and contains fillers which the human body cannot digest. This process makes the product dead and indigestible and has no associated health benefits. Juice powder, on the other hand, is cold-pressed juice that is CO2 dried at ambient temperatures. This locks in the same nutrients that would be available from drinking it straight from our organic certified facilities. When reassembled with water, there is no deterioration of the essential properties of the freshly squeezed barley grass juice.

Supplement Facts

How to Use:

Powder: Add 1 scoop (5g) to water, juice or a smoothie.

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