Combines two of Mother Nature’s most nutrient-dense superfoods, Chlorella and Spirulina. The phytonutrient content promotes detoxification and total body health.

  • Contains Chlorella Growth Factor Loaded with DNA/RNA Nucleic Compounds Responsible for Healthy Cellular Function
  • Neutralizes Oxidative Stress and Fights Inflammation
  • 4 Organic Certifications
  • Delivers a Vast Vitamin, Mineral, Essential Amino Acid, and Phytonutrient Profile which Supports Total Body Health
  • Alkalizes and Detoxifies the Body

Organic Blue-Green Blend Tablets


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Blue Green Blend: Nature’s 2 Superfoods in 1 Combination

What is it?
Blue-Green Superfood combines nature’s two most nutritious freshwater algae, Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) and Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris) for a supplement which offers the body an impressive portfolio of nutrients and cellular building-blocks for improving systemic health. Both algae are sourced following the world’s most stringent purity and quality standards and have rightly earned several food and quality certifications.

Health Benefits

Greens Clean

The combination of Spirulina and Chlorella support detoxification in many ways. Both can bind to and safely eliminate heavy metals that have accumulated in the body. Both are also effective at fighting candida, a harmful bacteria yeast that lives in the digestive tracts while promoting the production of healthy flora (the good bacteria) that fights infection. Collectively, the balance occurring from the inside makes you feel better on the outside, as excessive heavy metal content and bacteria in the gut can trigger uncomfortable symptoms and serious health issues.

A Balancing Act

Both Spirulina and Chlorella are alkaline foods, counteracting acidity obtained from the foods and vices we love. These blue-green algae both tip the scale to a slightly alkaline state for optimal health. An alkaline state is linked to a vast array of health benefits, ranging from something as simple to fewer colds throughout the year all the way to being a preventative to cancer. An acid state, on the other hand, subjects your body to decreased bone mass, unnecessary weight gain, premature aging, and low energy levels.

Nourishment from Nature, No Lab Needed

Spirulina and Chlorella are two of Earth’s oldest wholefoods, providing the body with an impressive portfolio of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and more. Targeting health in all regions of the body, these blue-green algae offer nourishment and benefits to all corners of the complex human body. Unlike synthetic multi-vitamins made in labs that are hard to break down, your body is ready to absorb and accumulate all of the good stuff in these whole foods.

Feel Young Again

This potent and powerful combination of Spirulina and Chlorella can restore energy and vitality by addressing the many aspects of health. In one serving daily, your body receives a dense dosage of nutrients that work in concert to perform hundreds of functions in the body: keeping bones strong, healing wounds, converting food into energy, supporting a healthy immune system, and repairing damaged cells. With the cornerstones of a healthy body being met at all levels, Spirulina and Chlorella can make your energy soar and put the pep back in your step.

Quality Standards

The World’s Purest Source of Organic Spirulina & Organic Chlorella in Broken Cell-Wall Form

Backed by 4 of the World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

We are proud to offer you the world’s purest source of both Organic Spirulina & Organic Chlorella! Both our Spirulina & Chlorella boast 4 organic certifications including USDA, Ecocert, NaturLand and EU Organic certifications. You will have the assurance of knowing both green superfoods have been tested and certified by every major organic accreditation and standard. Both also meet all major food standards including Vegan, Raw, Kosher & Halal. Our Chlorella is also delivered in broken cell-wall form which ensures optimal nutrient availability and assimilation.

NaturLand Certified – The Only Truly 100% Vegan Farming Process

The World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

The German Naturland Organic Certification is the most stringent certification in the world. It requires a 100% vegan and sustainable farming process. This means only plant-based ingredients and fertilizers can be used throughout the entire farming process. No other source of Spirulina has eliminated the use of animal or chemical based fertilizers during farming.

Our source of blue-green algae is grown in the remote countryside of South India away from all industrial, agricultural, and human settlements that are responsible for contaminating and polluting crops. The farm spreads over 130 acres with a clean source of groundwater and the conducive environment of 86°F to 102°F (30°C to 39°C) temperatures, low rainfall, low humidity, and abundant sunlight throughout the year that provides a thriving atmosphere for optimal growth.

Supplement Facts

How to Use:

Tablets: As a dietary supplement, take four (4) tablets daily with or without food.

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