Organic Chlorella Powder

Mother Nature’s superfood that restores and regenerates cells. Contains a vast array of nutrients and the unique Chlorella Growth Factor that promotes systemic health at the cellular level in bioavailable powder.

  • Contains Chlorella Growth Factor Loaded with DNA/RNA Nucleic Compounds Responsible for Healthy Cellular Function
  • Delivers a Vast Amount of Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Amino Acids, and Phytonutrient Profiles Supporting Total Body Health
  • Alkalizes and Detoxifies the Body
  • 3 Organic Certifications
  • Delivered in Broken Cell Wall Form for Optimal Bioavailability

Organic Chlorella Powder


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Organic BioChlorella: Restore Your Cells, Regenerate Your Body

What is it?
Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris) is a freshwater green alga believed to be one of the oldest plant species on Earth. Prepared as a food source, it offers the body a vast array of micronutrients benefiting the entire body. It contains a unique nucleic-peptide complex, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that has been shown to restore and regenerate cells throughout the body. This factor also attributes to its ability to thrive in even the harshest conditions. Our source of Chlorella comes from the purest source in a remote South Indian farm, where it has earned certification by four major organic entities.

Health Benefits

Clean Yourself Up

Chlorella aids all three detoxifying organs; the liver, kidneys, and colon in accumulating and eliminating the toxins and contaminates your body has acquired over time.  Chlorella’s very high concentration of chlorophyll is one of nature’s most powerful phytonutrients which locate and bind to heavy metals hiding throughout the body.  Heavy metal accumulation over time can trigger neurological conditions, infertility, and a host of other degenerative diseases.  Chlorella also stimulates healthy intestinal flora which staves off infectious bacteria.

Balance Your Blood

Maintaining a healthy pH balance in the blood is absolutely essential to human health.  Alkaline-rich minerals present in Chlorella restores pH balance to the bloodstream and prevents alkaline from being pulled from the bones supporting us.  A healthy and balanced alkaline state is strongly linked to improved immune response, mental function, kidney functions, and higher levels of energy.  Respiratory and metabolic acidosis from pH imbalance produce uncomfortable symptoms and can lead to the deterioration of vital organs.

Power On

Chlorella’s remarkable nucleotide-peptide complex, appropriately dubbed Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), plunges deep in cells to repair their genetic blueprint before regenerating healthy new cells at a staggering 4 times per 20 hours.  Cellular function, communication, and regeneration effectively restore cells to their efficient and toxin free state as if they were new.  Healthier cells bring vitality back into your life.

Turn Back Time

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is linked to slowing down the aging process.  Various signs and symptoms of aging are caused by the slow breakdown of cells from oxidative stress.  CGF is highly concentrated with the cellular building-blocks of DNA/RNA and nucleic acids which govern all bodily systems.  By replenishing our bodies with a fresh supply of DNA/RNA, aging is slowed at all levels.  CGF is often attributed to soaring energy levels, vitality, and even younger-looking skin.

Quality Standards

The World’s Purest Source of Chlorella in Broken Cell-Wall Form

Backed by 4 of the World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

We are proud to offer you the world’s purest source of Organic Chlorella! Our Organic Chlorella is farmed following the same rigid methods as our extremely popular Organic Spirulina.

With 4 organic certifications including USDA, Ecocert, NaturLand and EU Organic certifications you will have the assurance of knowing our Chlorella has been tested and certified by every major organic accreditation and standard. Our Chlorella also meets all primary food standards including Vegan, Raw, Kosher & Halal.

Our Chlorella is also delivered in broken cell-wall form ensuring optimal nutrient availability and assimilation.

NaturLand Certified – The Only Truly 100% Vegan Farming Process

The World’s Most Rigid Organic Certification

The German Naturland Organic Certification is the most stringent certification in the world. It requires a 100% vegan and sustainable farming process. This means only plant-based ingredients and fertilizers can be used throughout the entire farming process. No other source of Spirulina has eliminated the use of animal or chemical based fertilizers during farming.

Our source of blue-green algae is grown in the remote countryside of South India away from all industrial, agricultural, and human settlements that are responsible for contaminating and polluting crops. The farm spreads over 130 acres with a clean source of groundwater and the conducive environment of 86°F to 102°F (30°C to 39°C) temperatures, low rainfall, low humidity, and abundant sunlight throughout the year that provides a thriving atmosphere for optimal growth.

Supplement Facts

How to Use:

Powder: As a dietary supplement, take 1 teaspoon (3g) daily with or between meals. Enjoy mixed in juice, smoothies, or sprinkled on food.

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