I am taking 4 tablets of spirulina and 4 tablets of chlorella each day to detoxify my body. I noticed that I feel nausea and I am wondering if I’m taking too much. What is the recommended dosage to take of each tablet per day?


You are not taking too much. Ideally, you would want to consume 4 tablets of each per day. The nausea is rare, but here are some recommendations that may help.

First, possibly split up the serving to 2 servings per day, 2 spirulina and 2 chlorellae per serving, and make sure to take both servings with food. Your stomach may be having difficulty with digestion and if that is the case, taking the tablets with food may help with the digestion. When you eat a meal, your body produces a high number of digestive enzymes. You may need additional digestive help. Also, are you taking probiotics? Probiotics are very beneficial for gut health and help the body with nutrient assimilation. If your gut bacteria is low, it may be difficult for your body to absorb and assimilate all of the nutrients.

If the issue persists possibly consider moving down to 2 tablets of each per day. The following week increase to 3 and the next week back up to 4. But first, try taking it with larger meals.

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