How is spirulina processed or treated after harvesting?


A very mild spray drying process is used after harvest. During this process, the spirulina is processed at a temperature of 100° Fahrenheit. Other brands on the market process theirs at temperatures above 200° Fahrenheit. We can process at low temperatures due to the special long nozzle spray dryers used, which can be effective at much lower temperatures because of the engineering. The temperatures used stays well below raw standards of 104° to 120°. The spray drying is performed using filtered atmospheric air, and the packing process is completed at room temperature in a humidity controlled environment, immediately packed in Nitrogen flushed containers. After harvest, our spirulina is promptly air-shipped to our bottling facility, bottled and ready for sale. This supply chain process ensures maximum freshness of every bottle. We only bottle the product in 1-month increments, unlike other brands that bottle them in 6-month increments.

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