How long does it take to detoxify the body using both chlorella and spirulina together each day?


The body is never fully detoxified as it is continually coming in contact with external toxins from things like cleaning supplies or even heavy metals that are prevalent in produce. Both spirulina and chlorella are beneficial for continual detoxification, but if you want to do a large-scale flush, you may want to consider a full detox. During full detoxes the body does a purge and the body needs to get in the purge state to really expel large amounts of toxins. The spirulina and chlorella are fantastic to take during this process, as well as continually because they will assist the body in continuously expelling toxins. It is recommended to do a full detox every 6 months to purge the body of large amounts of toxins and then every day after that, take actions to expel toxins that you come in contact with day-to-day continually. The day-to-day maintenance is where spirulina and chlorella come in.

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