I heard taking chlorella during pregnancy is healthy. I heard taking chlorella during pregnancy is healthy. How much should a pregnant woman take? Or should she take it at all? Is it safe for all trimesters?


Yes, chlorella is safe and very beneficial to take during through all 3 trimesters of pregnancy. When it comes to dosage, if you took chlorella before being pregnant, you can stick with the standard dosage. If you did not take chlorella before pregnancy, we recommend you reduce the serving size by 50% for the first week and then move up to standard serving size. The only reason we recommend the 50% reduction is that the harmony of your body is very important during pregnancy. So we recommend easing into it. For example, it is shown to help clean out the digestive system. If you’re a bit backed up and just start taking it, you may go through a detox period.

When not to take it… If you have an auto-immune disorder, you definitely want to consult your doctor before taking it. Chlorella has very strong immune boosting functions and anyone with immune-related disorders need to work with doctors when it comes to supplementation as the immune system in relation to your health is very complex. Congratulations!

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