What is the ITM blend and what are its benefits?


Ionic Trace Minerals (ITM) is a concentrated mineral blend of naturally occurring ionic trace minerals that is also naturally high in chloride and magnesium. An ionic mineral is defined as an atom or group of atoms with either a positive or negative charge, meaning they conduct electrical impulses. Within the body, they keep organs such as the brain and heart functioning. Trace minerals also work synergistically with one another to ensure that proper absorption, activation, regulation, and pH balance occurs within the body. They are literally involved in every process within the body! We add the ITM to most all our other products to help activate the other nutrients in those products. If we lived in a perfect world, where we would be consuming the needed trace minerals in the amounts our bodies need from the foods we ate, then there would be no need for the ITM. Remember that plants take elements from the soil and, if needed, convert those elements into their smallest form: ionic minerals. These ionic minerals are then found in the very foods we eat. Because an ionic mineral is the smallest form of a mineral, it is the easiest form for our bodies to assimilate. This is because it is small enough to pass through cell walls. However, our soils are being depleted of these very important elements through various issues. So, it only stands to reason that if an element is not in the soil, it won’t be in our food. Hence the reason there is a need to supplement trace minerals.

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