Why do your softgels contain modified corn starch and carrageenan as ingredients?


These ingredients are a necessity not a risk. Our saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil contain 100% saw palmetto extract; this content is an extremely potent concentration of free fatty acids. These are the active and essential ingredients in saw palmetto. All clinical studies were conducted around these active nutrients. The concentration of free fatty acids is extremely high and requires an appropriate form of encapsulation. The softgels are essential in maintaining the proper encapsulation of these nutrients without degradation which would lead to rot and leakage. It is the most stable form of delivering such potent content of ingredients. It also delivers these nutrients to the region in the digestive system where they can be best absorbed.

We understand the concern and desire for clean labels with pure natural ingredients. We are very much a part of this movement which is a driving force behind the products we offer. The organic quality standards of our spirulina and chlorella could also attest to this. With that said, much information regarding some ingredients is a bit misleading. All studies related to carrageenan are related to the degraded form. This form is yes, in fact dangerous. But when it comes to non-degraded forms, it is not dangerous. The amount of carrageenan used in our saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil softgels is minuscule in comparison to any food source. This is the same with modified corn starch. One softgel contains exponentially less modified corn starch in comparison to literally a handful of processed food containing the ingredient.

We understand the desire and movement towards a reduction of certain ingredients. But in this case, we could not possibly deliver the nutrient content found in our extract without such softgels. It is just a give and take which has to be made to enjoy the benefits of such a potent concentration of botanical extracts. Sometimes a small bit of science can help us better reap the benefits of the amazing healing properties found in mother nature.

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