Spirulina 101

An Overview of Spirulina & Its Health Benefits

Spirulina is mother natures multivitamin, containing over 100 different nutrients that nourish, heal and protect the body. It is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids as well as an array of non-essential amino acids. Spirulina is considered the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

Organic Spirulina: Why Go Organic?

SpiruZan is formulated with, Parry Organic Spirulina, the highest quality source of Spirulina on Earth. Parry Organic Spirulina has received more organic and quality certifications than any other Spirulina available in the market. Click here to learn more.

Astaxanthin 101

An Overview of Astaxanthin and its Benefits

Astaxanthin is a nutritional supplement that is derived from microalgae. Click here to learn more about the many health benefits of this miracle microalgae.

Astaxanthin Supplements: The Key Differences

Learn what the key differences are in the various Astaxanthin supplements available and why you need to consume Astaxanthin alongside the necessary co-factors.

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