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Greens in Their Purest Form

Rest assured – no marketing hype, just greens in their pure form for proper nourishment.

Green Food Isolates

No filler ingredients with exotic names. Only the most important and nourishing greens in their 100% isolated form.

Organic Certified

We work with the best organic farms in the world – bringing labor of love straight to your door.

Raw Form

All our greens are in raw form, maintaining the vibrant and energetic enzyme activity.

Nutrient Density

We verify… Each green boasts the optimal nutrient profile.

Contaminate Testing

All Our Green Food Isolates are extensively tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, algae toxins, and environmental pollutants.

Sustainable Farming

All farms we work with use 100% sustainable practices with zero use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or toxic fertilizers.

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Organic Blue-Green Superfood

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